Liturgical: Saint John Vianney

John Vianney was a French priest during the early to mid 1800’s. Raised during the French Revolution, the Church was undergoing a time of suppression. Facing many challenges in his religious upbringing, he persevered in his love for the faith and was eventually ordained to the priesthood.

John is often cited as a patron for parish priests, remembered most for his service as a confessor, apologist and pastor. While our cultural, economic and societal conditions vary greatly from that which John Vianney faced, let us remember him as an example of perseverance in the faith against all difficulties and troubling times. 

A Collect:

Father of mercy, you made St. John Vianney outstanding in his priestly zeal and concern for your people. By his example and prayers, enable us to win our brothers and sisters to the love of Christ and come with them to eternal glory.

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